It’s been a long week.

I moved back in with my parents, like every other millennial in America. The mood here has been strange. My dad began drawing —strange chalk drawings on chunks of slatestone that have been sitting around. Fixing the house. Doing a lot of stuff I never figured he’d want to do. I figure I should be helping.

I’ve also, somehow, been accepted into DePaul university. So there’s that. So I’ve been studying for their placement test — it’s been so long since I’ve done trig that I can’t remember a single thing and am probably going to end up in a remedial course. Which is fine, there’s no shame in that, but if I can refresh my memory on my own I’ll save a little money.

As far as the tech job search goes, I’ve pivoted towards seeking summer internships, since I’m in a CS program now.

I also have a todo list to work through. I’ll put it here, because I know I’ll lose track of the paper it’s written on:

  • Redo my demo videos with voiced explanations of everything.
  • Send resumes out to linkedin responders after redesigning resume.
  • Redesign resume.
  • Be more confident in my networking messages.
  • Go through the 70 day post funnel thing.
  • Seek volunteer opportunities.

I guess that’s it for my blog today. Not a lot to talk about.